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Recorded by Leland Hoth in June 2014.

All music written and performed by Chris Henley.


released July 1, 2014



all rights reserved


REGULATOR Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Can't Escape
Why the fuck do I feel this way?
There's some new problem everyday
Misanthropic, egotist
Desperate to find what I missed

Can't live, can't relate
Can't die, can't escape

Everyday is the fucking same
I'm only left with myself to left to blame
The clock keeps ticking and I'm still here
Forced to suffer year after year

Can't live, can't relate
Can't die, can't escape
Can't cope, can't wait
Can't hide, I can't fucking escape
Track Name: Follower
You're no better than anyone else
You're afraid of trying to be yourself
Talk down to me because you think I'm uncool
But I think you're a fake and a fucking fool

Follower-­ get out of my way
Follower­- another cliche
Follower­- self obsessed
Follower­- you're just like rest

Talking so hard and walking so tall
You don't look cool flexing for us all
I'm never buying into your phony act
I know who I am and I'll never crack

You're a follower, fucking fall down and die
Track Name: Won't Change
Lie to me, push me around
Chew me out when I'm down
Another spat, another day
I wish you would go away

I'm not crazy, won't change who I am
Being what you want is not part of my plan
I don't need your help, don't need your shit
I won't change for you're benefit

Size me, categorize
Sit me down and analzye
Drug me up, assimilate
Diagnose and set me straight

Ever since I was young you've told me I'm wrong
You're a mess, you're depressed, you don't fucking belong
It doesn't matter that you think I'm disgraced
You lack the courage to say it to my face

I don't care if I let you down
I won't miss you when you're not around
Track Name: Forgotten Lowlife
Run your mouth
Play your game
Call them out but you're just the same

Basking in the glory that's only in your head
Fabricating stories is your favorite trend

Talk your shit, walking tall
Such a big mouth for a will so small
You lost my respect, the little I had
You can lie to yourself, you'll still die sad

Making up excuses is all that you have left
Piece of shit, woe is me, stop pretending you're oppressed

You're not wanted here
So why don't you go?
You were forgotten a long time ago
Here's the door. Stay out.

I won't listen to your fucking excuse
No one will stand for your senseless abuse
You're a leech and you've been cut out
We all found out what you're really about
No one cared about what you had to say
You lost your friends and now you're wasting away
You thought you fooled us but your true colors showed
You're a coward and you got what you're owed
Get away, we don't need you around
We don't need another cowardly clown
Stay the fuck out and never come back
Stay the fuck out and rot alone with what you lack

I was a fool to once call you a friend
It doesn't matter when you're all alone in the end